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  1. 1. Affiliate Partnership Opportunity : Manoj Digital is excited to offer a lucrative affiliate partnership opportunity for individuals interested in promoting our exclusive "Facebook Ads and AI Mastery Course". Affiliates can leverage their network to sell this comprehensive course and earn a generous commission on each successful sale.
  2. 2. Passive Income Generation : This affiliate program presents a unique chance for individuals to generate passive income. As affiliates successfully sell the "Facebook Ads and AI Mastery Course". They earn commissions, creating a steady stream of income. The more courses sold through their efforts, the higher their income potential.

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  1. 3. Commission Structure : Manoj Digital is committed to rewarding affiliates for their hard work. Affiliates will enjoy a generous compensation for each course they successfully sell, providing an enticing opportunity for lucrative earnings. Affiliates will receive a competitive commission on each , ensuring that their efforts are duly compensated. The commission structure will be outlined in the affiliate agreement, providing transparency and clarity.
  2. 4. Sales Tracking and Reporting : Our sophisticated tracking system ensures accurate monitoring of sales generated by each affiliate. Affiliates will have access to a personalized dashboard, providing real-time insights into their performance, sales, and commissions earned. This transparency enhances trust and accountability in the partnership.
  3. 5. Marketing Support : To aid affiliates in their promotional efforts, Manoj Digital will provide Marketing Materials, including Banners, Social Media Content and Email templates. These resources are designed to optimize promotional activities and increase the likelihood of successful sales.
  4. 6. Terms and Conditions : Affiliates are expected to adhere to the terms and conditions outlined in the affiliate agreement. This includes ethical marketing practices, compliance with relevant regulations, and representing the course accurately. Any breach of these terms may result in the termination of the affiliate partnership.
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  1. 7. Payment Schedule : Commissions earned through the Affiliate Program will be paid out according to a predefined schedule. This schedule will be communicated clearly in the affiliate agreement, ensuring affiliates are aware of when to expect their earnings.
  2. 8. How to Join : Interested individuals can join the Manoj Digital Affiliate Program by filling out the application form on our website. Upon approval, affiliates will gain access to their personalized dashboard, marketing resources, and unique affiliate links to start promoting the "Facebook Ads and AI Mastery Course".
  3. Manoj Digital looks forward to building a mutually beneficial partnership with dedicated affiliates, creating opportunities for Financial Growth and Success in the dynamic field of digital marketing education.